The web sites presented on this page belong to private mail services, artistamp artists and our own proud micronation(s). Please note the stamps shown are not available through yourstamps, with the exception of the Musogradian and Capricornian stamps.

Federated Micronations of Musania - Posta tal Musograd

FM 1M$ Uluru 2003

The Federated Micronations, and especially their largest member state, the Dershowo Musograd, are the "home" micronation of Yourstamps. All stamps created by yourstamps as demonstration samples and to test new stamp formats and techniques are issued as "FM" stamps. Musograd is a beautiful but poor micronation, torn by political strife and civil wars. Its rich philatelic history and its current issues has been made available through the new Posta tal Musograd web site.

Republic of Capricornia


Even Micronations experience secessionism... in 2006, the Republic of Capricornia declared its indepence from the Federation of Musograd, caused mostly by Musograds lack of dedication to its declared Australia policy. Since 2009, Capricornia and Musograd are again united under the roof of the Federated Micronations.

Capricornia has issued a small number of stamps with a modernist design, which are all on display on the Capricornia Post web site.

Capricornia Post Extraterritorial Agencies

"Capricornia Post Extraterritorial Agencies" is the branch of Capricornia Post operating outside the Federated Micronations. The first Agency has been established in the Fishtown Newport Territory (now Frya Nordland Territories), located in Bremerhaven, Germany, with Bernhard Krauth as the Postmaster. Starting in 2015, a low number of stamps with maritime motives have been issued.

Isle of Pabay

Pabay Stamp

The island of Pabay is located about 2.5 miles (4 km) north of Broadford Bay on the southern part of the Isle of Skye in Scotland. It is 360 acres in size, diamond shaped and predominately flat, the highest point being 28m above sea level with cliffs on the North and East shores.

The name Pabay is derived from an old Norse word (the Norwegians ruled this part of Scotland for many years around 1000AD) meaning "priest's isle" and there are the remains of a 13th century chapel.

Pabay has been issuing stamps since 1962, which are used as carriage labels from the local post box to the nearest postal facility in Scotland. Current stamp issues focus on local themes and events; only a very limited number of stamps is issued per year. The stamps can be obtained from Pabays philatelic service. The Pabay philatelic sales team also distributes 2 interesting CD-ROM based catalogues covering UK and US / Canada local stamp issues.

Pabay has issued its first coin in 2012, using the historic denomination Groat.

Pabay Groat Stamp 2013

Local Stamps Catalogue

Isle of Rona

Another beautiful Scottish island in the vicinity of Skye is the Isle of Rona. Inhabited by its caretaker Bill Cowie most of the time (when he is not on the other half of the globe), it offers beautiful views and excellent accommodation in two cottages.

Rona Flowers 2013

The stamps of Rona, used as local carrier labels, depict local views and the diverse wildlife of the island. Please check out the web site of Rona to inspect and purchase them.

Isle of Islay

The third and largest Scottish island in this list is the Isle of Islay. The stamps are explicitely no "local postage" stamps, they are cinderellas dedicated to the beautiful landscape and traditions of Islay. Well designed and absolutely worth collecting!

Canvey Island Local Post

Canvey Island Local Post (CILP) is a small non-commercial local postal service in Canvey Island , a town located in the Thames estuary near Southend-on-Sea in the United Kingdom. A small number of stamps are issued each year, focussing on local themes and British history. The website documents their stamp history since 2010 and is also a good ressource regarding local stamp and cinderella collecting in the UK.

Americans In Berlin

The author and artist T.H.E. Hill has designed several Cinderella stamp issue to commemorate the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the presence of American Armed Forces which held up freedom in West Berlin during the cold war. Below the 2013 issue commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Teufelsberg station in Berlin.

Teufelsberg Station in Berlin 2013

Jules Verne Club

Since 2013, the German "Jules Verne Club" issues cinderellas for use as address and advertising stamps, to be used for their mailings. Recently, a miniature sheet was issued as a contribution token towards a voyage of the replica of Jules Verne's yacht "Saint Michel II". The cinderellas are carefully designed, with motives related to the famous science fiction author Jules Verne. On the club website, an excellent documentation has been published (available in German only, but with high resolution images):

Jules Verne Club contribution token miniature sheet 2014

Ralph Phillips - CD Catalogue Micronations of the World

Serious collectors usually think that stamps which are not listed in a catalogue are not worth collecting. But there are catalogues going beyond the well-known Gibbons, Michel and Yvert catalogues. Ralph Phillips has taken up the incredible task of creating them for British islands, separatist regions in Africa and many other philatelic areas not covered by the large firms. Now a new area has been added - in 2016, a Micronations stamp catalogue has been published!

Ralph Phillips Micronations Catalogue

The catalogues are not printed, but distributed via CD. They can be ordered via yourstamps and will then be sent directly from him to you.