Stamp Types:

We offer two 2 standard stamp types, "Fixed Format" and "Free Format", which are explained in detail in the respective menu items. If you do not know which one is best for your image, just send us the image - we will recommend the optimal format. The types do not have any effect on pricing - our pricing is always based on the total number of printing sheets in your order.

For many customers, the two standard formats are not sufficient. Therefore, we have developed a lot of additional options, often following a customer suggestion. It is less complicated than you may think - just have a look at the sample images to understand what is possible. If you have a very special idea you cannot find here, please contact us! We may be able to help you with some tweaking of our printing software...

And the best is - most options are free! Only those which require additional perforation or cutting work carry a small surcharge per printing sheet. For all options, you will find shorthand codes (e.g. "LP-MI" for mixed stamp images, free format). These are designed to help you to define your order as precisely as possible. But don't worry - if anything in your order is not clear to us, we will contact you as soon as possible!

Left: "Fixed Format" stamp. Right: Two "Free Format" stamps.

Fixed and Free Format Stamps