Pricing is based on the number of stamp sheets per order. The sheets need not be of same design or size. The minimum order is 5 sheets per design.

Payment is due after receiving the stamps (except for larger orders of new customers - we will contact you in that case). Please note that we will not send out separate Paypal invoices - if paying via Paypal, please send your payment to

Yourstamps has introduced a new simplified pricing table based on an order handling fee, and fixed per sheet price for all sheets of an order. All prices are listed in Euro, US Dollar and Pound Sterling calculated using current exchange rates with some rounding. This price list is valid for all orders made after July 1st, 2022. Payments can be made via Paypal or EU Bank Transfer.

SHEET PRICESEurope (except UK)
United States & all other regions
United Kingdom & Channel Islands
GB £
Handling & Packing5.005.005.00
Per sheet1.401.401.20

Mixing different stamp images within one layout does not carry any surcharge, so would be the better alternative if you require a larger number of different stamps in combination with low printing runs for each individual stamp.

For your orientation - here are price calculation results for selected sheet numbers:


Shipping is extra and calculated at cost. A sheet usually weights less than 5g, and packaging less than 50g, but those values vary of course. Shipments above € 60 / US$ 80 / GB £ 50 will be send as Registered. Since July 1st, 2022, international freight shipments (registered or standard) have been taken over by DHL from Deutsche Post, with a much more complicated price list.

Here are the the current Mail fees, estimated for international shipments:

Germany up to 500g1,45
Germany up to 1000g2,60
EU & WW - Compact up to 50g1,502.001.50
EU & WW up to 500g3,704.803.70
EU & WW up to 1000g7,009.807.00
Einschreiben (Registered)3,503.503.50

As described on the other pages, Yourstamps offers a number of options, like sheet numbering or triangular stamps. The "Standard Options" price applies to them.

We offer to do simple design tasks like cropping images and adding texts. What is regarded "simple design" vs. complicated is of course open to negotiation - we will make you an offer if we estimate that the design work is no longer covered by the Simple Design category.

We also offer blank perforated A4 paper sheets, both fixed and free format. Matt paper is recommended here due to higher stiffness. The matt sheets will be marked with lead pencil on their ungummed top side.

Please note that it is extremely difficult to position a perforated sheet in a printer in a way that the single stamps are well centered. Pre-perforated sheets are better applicable to designs going over several stamps, e.g. a photo covering a whole sheet, to be separated into a kind of jigsaw puzzle.

Free format sheets are done to your specification, adjusted to the perforation grid of about 1.8mm. Please note that free format sheets are not really suitable for laser printers as they are less stable than fixed format as perforation lines go through the whole sheet.

Standard Options per sheet0,200.200.20
Heavier matt paper, per sheet0,100.100.10
Simple Design6,008.006.00
Unprinted perforated sheet - Fixed Format 0.600.700.55
Unprinted perforated sheet - Free Format0.750.950.70