Stamp images:

Please send us the stamp images as high-resolution jpg or gif files. The images will usually be printed with 600 dpi (dots per inch), i.e. if your image has a size of 600 by 600 pixel, the stamp will be 1" by 1" (ca. 25 by 25mm) large, plus about 2mm on each side for the perforation border. We can print from lower resolution images if you require it, but the stamp quality will be quite bad at resolutions below 300 dpi.

For complicated designs like miniature sheets, please send us all files separately, also any background file or border image. A design layout image would be helpful. We will contact you if there are any questions about the design. In all but the most simple cases, we will send you a preprint PDF for checking before starting to print.

Order information:

Always include the following information, please:

  • Your full postal address
  • The number of stamp pouches or stamp sheets for each picture
  • The method of payment you prefer: Paypal, EU bank transfer via IBAN / SWIFT code or Bitcoin

Optional order information items:

  • Any deadlines (e.g. birthday date) which must be met
  • Any special shipping requirements
  • Order codes for all options you want included
  • Instructions for our "Design Service"
  • Texts for all text-based options (sheet border / information line)

Please send your order via email to

To send in paper prints or CDs, please send them to: yourstamps - Juergen Schwarz, Berlepschstr. 50, 14165 Berlin, Germany

You will receive a confirmation email for the order as soon as possible.