If you are looking for a company which will print small numbers of your own stamps, and which will even help you with the design of these stamps, you have found it!

Our products:

We specialize in printing individual stamp designs, with sheet numbers ranging from 1 to 1000 or more. Fulfilling the individual requirements of our customers is our goal. We are able to print stamp sheets in many formats, with decorative sheet borders, mixed stamp motives on one sheets, and even miniature sheets. Our stamps are high-quality products, perforated and printed on high quality gummed paper, not self-adhesive labels with printed fake perforation.

Our customers:

Our customers are advertising agencies, Artistamp artists, Micronations (i.e. virtual countries existing only in the internet), private postal authorities, stamp collecting clubs and many, many individuals who are looking for decorative stamps for invitations or as gifts.

Of course, our stamps are generally not valid for postage. Some postal authorities offer that service - for quite a premium, though. Our stamps are much more price-efficient and can usually be stuck next to valid postage stamps, if you want to decorate a mailing with them.

We have been serving our international customers since 2003. Yourstamps is located in Berlin, Germany, but we ship worldwide - the majority of our customers is located outside of Germany.

Please contact us directly at if you have any questions or would want to receive a set of free sample stamps.

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