Fixed Format:

These stamps are perforated with a hand perforation machine designed to produce a standard size high quality "comb"-type perforation. Recommended in all cases where the stamp image to be printed has a width to height ratio of about 2:1 (more exactly, 1.8 : 1).


  • Top quality perforation, fine (14 perforation holes/2cm) with perfectly perforated stamp corners
  • 15 stamps per sheet, in 5 rows and 3 columns
  • Stamp format is fixed - outer size 44 x 26 mm (1.75" x 1"), picture size 39,5 x 21,6 mm
  • jpg image should be 945 pixel wide and 520 pixel high
  • Sheet size about 15 by 15cm

With double perforation it is also possible to print stamps with half the standard stamp size (CP-HS). Per sheet you then get 35 single stamps of the format 26 x 22mm, with an image size of 22 x 17mm (520 x 425 pixel). Due to the increased effort, a surcharge of 0.20c per sheet is charged here.

Definitives in half size format

Free additional options:

  • Vertical stamp image orientation instead of horizontal (i.e. 518 pixel wide, 945 high) (CP-VA)
  • Mixed stamp images (up to 15 different images per sheet) (CP-MI)
  • 1mm information line below stamp image (e.g. designer / year / company) (CP-IL)
  • Border texts or graphics on top and bottom sheet border (CP-BT, CP-BG)
  • Sheet background image (CP-BI)

All combinations of the above options are possible.

Example 1:Stamp sheet with mixed stamps (CP-MI) and border graphics (CP-BG)

Stamp sheet with mixed stamp and border graphics

Additional options with € 0.20 surcharge per sheet:

  • Miniature sheets (3 sheets with 3 stamps or 2 sheets with 6 stamps each) (CP-MS3 & MS6)
  • Stamp booklet sheet" type cutted stamps (CP-SB)

Example 2: Stamp booklet sheet (CP-SB) - 2 of these plus 2 single rows per printing sheet

Stamp booklet sheet

Example 3: Miniature sheet (CP-MS3)

Miniature sheet

Example 4: Possible variants of the half size format stamps (CP-HS)

Definitives in half size format - variants