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If you are interested in postage stamps, you have most probably encountered some of the renowned international stamp catalogues, e.g. "Michel" (Germany), Stanley Gibbons (UK), Yvert & Tellier (France) or Sassone (Italy). They cover the official stamp issues of recognized countries and territories all over the world.

But those official catalogues leave open a huge "grey area" of stamps which are not really deemed "official", eg recognized by the Universal Postal Union UPU , but which are much more than mere advertising labels. They might have been issued by unrecognized states, by local mail services and islands, by railways, by charity organisations or even by micronations.

Phillips Micronations Catalogue

For a growing number of stamp collectors, this philatelic "grey area" is becoming more and more interesting. Modern "official" stamps have high printing runs and often are targeted towards the philatelic market, while classical stamps from pre WW II times are often very expensive.

"Unofficial" stamps are fascinating because they give you a feeling of discovery and are not that easy to obtain, although they are usually not expensive. Also, they are often linked to interesting history, both international and local. The only detractor used to be the lack of documentation - as they were not listed in any catalogue, it used to be very difficult to position a certain stamp in its context and find out further details about it.

But that has changed! You might be surprised to hear that this philatelic "grey area" also has its great Catalogue Publisher. One man, Ralph Phillips, a great collector fascinated by these "unofficial" or semi-official stamps, has created a surprisingly high number of high quality catalogues for various philatelic areas which are not covered by the large catalogue publishers in most cases. He regularly keeps all of the catalogues up to date. Three of the catalogues, for UK island stamps, also contain ready-to-print album pages.

From Yourstamps' perspective, the catalogues covering the Scottish Islands (CAT-RP-08) and the Micronations of the World (CAT-RP-22) can be highly recommended, because a number of Yourstamps customers will find their stamp issues documented there (they know about this of course). The Scottish Islands catalogue is a subset of the Modern British Locals catalogue (CAT-RP-01). By the way, the Micronation issues of Musograd and Capricornia, used on all Yourstamps shipments, are also completely documented in the Micronations catalogue.

We are also working on adding catalogues on special collecting areas from other catalogue makers to our offer. The first catalogue of this kind is the excellent "Maluku Selatan" catalogue by Anders Backman, which we offer as a watermarked PDF.

Yourstamps is proud to offer the whole range of the Phillips Catalogues for purchase:

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Phillips Australia Railways Catalogue

Catalogue Order Form:

Catalogue No Catalogue Title Price (€) Selection
CAT-RP-01Great Britain - Modern British Locals (3 CDs)50
CAT-RP-02United States - Modern USA Locals (4 CDs)50
CAT-RP-03Great Britain - Modern British Railway Companies Locals30
CAT-RP-04Great Britain - Modern British Strike Mail30
CAT-RP-05Great Britain - Summer Isles - Catalog & Album Pages25
CAT-RP-06Great Britain - Easdale Island - Catalog & Album Pages25
CAT-RP-07Great Britain - Pabay - Catalog & Album Pages25
CAT-RP-08Great Britain - Scottish Islands25
CAT-RP-09Manchuria - 1946-1949 Local Overprints35
CAT-RP-10Israel - Keren Kayemet Le'Israel, Jewish National Fund35
CAT-RP-11Canada - Modern Local and Strike Mail35
CAT-RP-12Greece - Mount Athos17
CAT-RP-13Sovereign Military Order of Malta30
CAT-RP-14Trucial States40
CAT-RP-15Oman State, Dhufar and South Arabia40
CAT-RP-16East Asia - Local Posts40
CAT-RP-17Africa - Modern Breakaway States40
CAT-RP-18Non UN-Recognized States of Former USSR40
CAT-RP-19Palestine - Palestinian Authority and unofficial issues35
CAT-RP-20Universal Mail - New Zealand and United Kingdom Issues30
CAT-RP-21Australia and New Zealand - Local, Private and Railway Issues30
CAT-RP-22Micronations of the World40
CAT-RP-23Russia - Post 1990 Unofficial Locals (3 CDs)35
CAT-RP-24Iraq Kurdistan - Modern Issues35
CAT-RP-25Commonwealth Islands - Non-catalogue Islands of Carribean and Atlantic35
CAT-RP-26Commonwealth Islands - Non-catalogue Islands of the Pacific35
CAT-RP-27New Zealand Customized Advertising Labels and Regionals35
CAT-AB-MSMaluku Selatan catatalogue (watermarked PDF)10

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